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  • Cubs catcher Willson Contreras gives closer Aroldis Chapman a leaping high-five after finishing off the victory that sends the World Series to Chicago tied at 1. Chicago Tribune

    Cubs bounce back to beat Indians, tie World Series at 1

    Times Staff Writer
    CLEVELAND — Maybe it was just a bad opening night.

    The Cubs looked much more like the team that led the majors in wins and was a heavy favorite to win a championship in Game 2 of the World Series on Wednesday, beating the Indians 5-1.

    They did it with a strong performance from starter Jake Arrieta, who added a dose of drama by rolling into the sixth inning before allowing his first hit, though the combination of his high pitch count and the pending rain made any threat to Don Larsen's place in history unlikely. Arrieta, who said he was too amped up early, finished with 98 pitches.

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  • Former Ray Brandon Guyer thrilled to be on Indians' World Series roster

    Times Staff Writer
    CLEVELAND — Parole came unexpectedly for Brandon Guyer, who was stunned when summoned to manager Kevin Cash's office as he was readying for the Rays' Aug. 1 game and told he was traded to the Indians.
    Sure, that meant he'd have to race home to grab some clothes and head out since his new team wanted him on a flight that night. Sure, that meant he'd have to leave wife Lindsay to deal with their two young kids and pack all their stuff. Sure, that meant he'd have to say goodbye to the buddies and bosses he'd become extremely close with during 5½ years in Tampa Bay.
    But that also meant that rather than finish in last place with the rest of the Rays, he'd end up playing in the World Series.
  • Area Rays fans seem mostly to be rooting for Cubs manager Joe Maddon, though some clearly still feel a bit betrayed. Getty Images

    Fennelly: Wishing ex-Rays manager Joe Maddon well, but not 'this' well

    Times Sports Columnist

    Most of us wished Joe Maddon well when he left the Rays for Chicago. Great guy.

    But did he have to do this well?

    Curse Busting Joe is in the World Series with the Chicago Cubs. He's the king of baseball, the miracle worker, always with a quote. Animal visits. Pajama road trips. One big blast. Same old Joe. Only now he belongs to Chicago. People there claim him as such, too. They think they invented him.


    We had him first!

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