Live Feed: The 2015 Gasparilla Pirate Invasion and Parade
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Live Feed: The 2015 Gasparilla Pirate Invasion and Parade

If you can't make it to Gasparilla this is the next best thing. You can follow all of the action from the Gasparilla Invasion to the Parade of Pirates along Tampa's Bayshore Boulevard on January 31, 2015. Just scroll through the photos and posts. And if you're going? Turn your smartphone camera on your friends and all the craziness. Use the tag #GasparillaGram for your photos, and you'll be a part of this fun compilation. (Keep it SFW, though!)

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    Joe Maddon's house [JOSH SOLOMON | Times] 

    3:50 p.m. The Gasparilla party to be at on Bayshore Boulevard was the joint bash thrown by the families of Joe Maddon and Jill Kelley, arguably the best known next-door neighbors in Tampa. And they knew it, too.

    The families hired about 20 private security officers, each equipped with utility belts sporting a weapon or two, to grant entry to only those on the guest list and keep drunk passersby from sitting on the retaining wall.

    Maddon's side was blocked off by a chain link fence, from behind which The B Street Band, a remarkably good cover band of everybody's favorite Boss from New Jersey, belted away on Rosalita and other Springsteen favorites.

    The Kelleys, who have a much more expansive lawn, didn't bother with the fence, and instead positioned guards every 50 feet or so. The grass was tastefully dotted with alternating black and red table clothes -- classic pirate colors.

    Kelley was visible from the sidewalk, mingling with members of Wounded Warriors, a veterans group.

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