Marlins ace, Alonso grad Jose Fernandez dies in bo...
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Marlins ace, Alonso grad Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident

  • Fernandez not wearing life vest during crash

    [AP photo]

    From the Associated Press: Authorities in Florida say Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez was not wearing a life vest when he was killed in a boating crash off Miami Beach early Sunday.

    An official from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told reporters that Fernandez was with two friends when the 32-foot SeaVee that they were traveling in hit rocks and capsized during a boating trip.

    Lorenzo Veloz of the fish commission said the boat was found upside down. Two bodies were found under the vessel and one was found in the water by divers.

    The boat was traveling full speed and was demolished. There was no evidence of alcohol or illegal substances being a factor in the crash.

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